Public Law

Zarko Luksic Sandoval, Rodrigo Cortés Cortés, Cristóbal Luksic Ziliani, Susana González, Fernanda Villagra, Cristóbal Rivas y Rodrigo Quevedo.

Nowadays, it can be argued that Administrative Law has become a fundamental element in the actions of companies and citizens of any kind.

ABOGADOS MLV attends to and represents the interests of its clients before the various agencies that make up the State administration: central administration, decentralized services, municipalities, Comptroller General of the Republic, and public companies. To this end, we resort to the administrative and contentious-administrative procedures provided for in the national legal system. Likewise, we have professionals who litigate before superior courts of justice, ordinary and special courts.

Our professionals are permanently studying and updating their knowledge, reviewing the new interpretations of the norms that are being produced in the constitutional and administrative jurisprudence, as well as in the constitutional organs that are creating and implementing a new Constitution and the complementary public regulations. Our exclusive clients trust our professional services, as well as the fidelity and confidentiality of our work. 

The scope of action of the Public Law Area includes, among others:

  • General applications for permits, authorizations, and administrative concessions of all kinds.
  • Procedures for access to public information.
  • Administrative contracting processes, for example, public service concessions, provision of services, supply contracts, public works contracts, and concessions.
  • Exercise of administrative actions, administrative appeals, and exercise of the invalidating power, both in administrative and jurisdictional venues, such as appeals for protection; the action of nullity of Public Law; claim of municipal illegality; claim before the Public Procurement Court, actions and appeals before the Constitutional Court.
  • Expropriation proceedings.
  • Non-contractual liability of the State.

Partner: Zarko Luksic Sandoval